Dream Check: How Do Your Dreams Measure Up to Obama’s?

It’s election day. Taking my usual morning walk, a recent article came to mind that had an unusual take on the Obama campaign. It explained Obama’s success in terms of his brilliance as a book marketer.

I never thought about Obama as an author, only a politician, but according to this article his ladder to success started with his book.

Recalling that article this morning was a wake up call for me. I’m an author, too. What have I made of all the dreams I crammed into my book?

It’s clear to see that Obama never lost sight of all the hopes and dreams laid out in his book. He clung to them steadfastedly, even when Clinton was taking the lead in the primaries or McCain and Palin were coming on strong after the Republican convention. Through everything, he remained calmly committed to his dream–and just kept speaking his truth.

So how do I measure up? Sure I have a dream of guiding busy people back to the joy, nurture and comfort of real foods. But then I go grocery shopping, see rows upon rows of factory-made packaged foods and get disheartened. Or I see how perpetually busy people are and figure no one will ever have time to prepare whole and natural foods. Or I read statistics on the amount of sugar and lack of green in our diets and think maybe I need a new profession.

Clearly, I’m not as committed to my dreams as I need to be—not nearly enough to tough it out through the hard times. Like the guy or not, there’s something to learn from Obama: If a little state senator from Illinois can nurture a dream of bringing change to our country by becoming president, then surely I could do a better job bringing my dreams to fruition. Time to haul out my mission statement, do a “dream check” and get inspired again.

If you’re feeling a little low about your eating dreams and goals, consider following this guy’s lead.  Write them down (in a notebook is fine; you don’t have to write a book), then review regularly and never cave in to doubt.  Happy meals!


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