The Denver Post Quotes The Kitchen Dahla Blog

Last week, The Denver Post‘s Food section quoted us in an article by Kristen Browning-Blas:

Dealing with kitchen phobias head on

Here’s the intro:

Now that our political fears have been allayed or amplified (depending on whom you voted for), let’s put the attack ads behind us and face our kitchen phobias.

When I asked you to tell me your deepest, darkest doubts, I received e-mails about scary canned green beans, fear of the Fry Daddy and trouble baking cookies.

Boulder “kitchen coach” Mary- Collette Rogers e-mailed that she blames the Olympics for our perfectionist tendencies.

“I’m not talking about the actual athletic competition in the Olympic arena,” she writes on her blog.

“I’m talking about hyper-perfectionism, complexity and highly demanding spectators. Against this kind of backdrop, are we poor home cooks practically assured of an unnerving experience in the kitchen? Has it invaded the kitchen, forcing us to engage in an Olympian trial competition each night just to get our daily dinner on the table?”

She wonders if all the food shows, magazines, shops and gadgets, inspiring though they may be, actually cause performance anxiety in their audiences. “It’s easy to get overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations — and fear of not living up to those expectations,” she says.

Read the rest of Mary’s blog “Kitchen Fear?  Blame It On the Olympics!

Check it out The Denver Post article on-line!


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