Stocking the Pantry—How to Avoid Time Panic

Good News:  The Fun of a Pantry Journey Lasts More than an Afternoon

timepanicfrombigbox Time panic may be settling in as we talk about stocking the pantry.  By now, it’s become abundantly clear that the job can’t be done in an afternoon–and with our short attention spans, that’s a real problem!  Who has more than 30 minutes for anything?

So is time panic going to win here, and rob you of the opportunity to benefit from the invaluable kitchen resource known as a pantry?  Or could we reframe the picture to make it work for you?  Remember how an earlier post called pantry stocking a journey?

Try this on:  What if “creating a pantry” were not a chore on the to-do list but an undertaking as interesting as learning to ski, redecorating the living room, knitting a beautiful scarf or learning a language.  You certainly wouldn’t expect to achieve those kinds of accomplishments in an afternoon.  You’d expect to put in some time, over time.  In return, you would reap gradual but profound benefits.

Stocking a pantry is like that, really.  It may not have the flair of skiing or redecorating, but it’s got one thing on its side that nothing else can beat:  Incredible deliciousness!

What’s more, stocking a pantry is quite interesting and even creative.  Gradually you get in touch with the kinds of foods you really like.  You begin to open doors to new and different foods.  You put the foods you buy to good use in innovative dishes.  Best of all, every step of the way is delicious.  Why would you want to squash this kind of fun into a single afternoon!

On the flip side, isn’t it nice to know that this journey didn’t have to be done and over yesterday?  You have plenty of time to create a pantry that saves you mountains of time and brings wonderfully healthful meals within everyday reach!

Ready to begin experimenting with a pantry.  Build one if you’re pantry-less, or if you’ve got a pantry, find out how to make the most of it.   Check out my book, Take Control of Your Kitchen, which explains what to buy and how to store and organize it for easy access, or email to set up some individual kitchen coaching where we focus on setting up a helpful and healthful pantry. Also, check out all the articles in this series:

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Good News:  The Fun of a Pantry Journey Lasts More than an Afternoon

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