How to Use Up Halloween Pumpkins

Sugar Pie Pumpkins

Small, round sugar pie pumpkins pack a lot more flavor than the big Jack-O-Lantern varieties

Picture Recipe:  Pumpkin Red Bean Tostadas

About now, there are likely a lot of pumpkins sitting around having the post-Halloween blues.   While most are the big Jack-O-Lantern variety with little flavor (and many of those are coated in candle wax), you may have a couple of the small, round sugar pumpkins left over from the day of the pumpkin.  Roast them and you have a good start on this easy recipe.

This recipe is a skillet recipe–the best kind in my mind.  Just throw everything in one pan, cook a while and voila! you have a complete meal.  It’s shared here in picture format.  See how you like that:


Pumpkin Red Bean Tostadas--Part 2

Ppumpkin Red Bean Tostadas--Part 3

Pumpkin Red Bean Tostadas-Part 4

Substitutions and Variations:

Squash: Roasted acorn could be substituted for pumpkins

Tomatoes: A 28-oz. can of diced Muir Glen (or comparable quality) tomatoes could be substituted for fresh.  Include the juices.

Jalapeno: Canned diced chiles could be substituted, mild or hot and in an amount that suits your spice tolerance.

Tortillas: Use hard shell tostadas; warm on a pancake griddle or in the microwave.


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