Diet Season Is Coming! Plan Now for After the Diet

Does that title sound like negative, defeatist thinking or what?  Let’s just call it factual.

Pic of Day Planner

Just like planning for a successful day, plan for success after the diet is over.

By definition, a “diet” is an interlude of eating differently than normal, and at some point, that interlude has to end.  Since we know that’s the ending to every diet story, why not plan for a good exit strategy?  What will eating look like for the rest of your life, once your diet interlude is over?

Take Luann.  She faithfully attended a commercial exercise and eating program for 12 weeks and came close to achieving an ideal weight.  As her program was winding down, she had the good sense to see a dietitian to set up a long-term healthy-weight eating protocol.  But then she faced the most challenging job of all:  making meals that fit those healthy eating guidelines, morning, noon and night, day after day, seven days a week, month after month and year after year–without getting bored silly or stressed to insanity.

You might find yourself in exactly this position two short months from now:  The holidays will be over, New Year’s resolution will have been made and you will have faithfully stuck to a diet for a few weeks.  Now what?  Default and stumble into defeat or gracefully execute the exit strategy?

Why not plan ahead for this fairly inevitable point in time, probably around January 31, when you’ll be tired of dieting, the rest of the year will be looming and you can’t bear the thought of eating any more turkey breast salads.  You’ll look with satisfaction at your weight loss, but then wonder, maybe with a little trepidation, “How can I do healthful eating for the next month, the next six months, the next year?”

Here’s how you do it:  You head to the kitchen, have fun, and eat lusciously!  “What?!” you say.  How can the kitchen be a place for fun, much less healthy meals that are luscious, and all for the long term?

Despite what every fast food ad would like you to believe, the kitchen can absolutely be fun when it’s not an annoying obstacle course but is instead set up for smooth meal making, with interesting recipes and new flavors.  And healthy eating can be completely luscious when you are familiar with  healthful foods and have the building block cooking skills to transform them, easily and confidently, into delightfully delicious meals.

Here’s the best news.  You don’t have to figure how to do this on your own.  Join one of our upcoming Whole Kitchen classes.  Learn an entirely manageable system for putting together wholesome meals, day in and day out, naturally and easily.  Don’t just dream about deliciously healthful meals–find out how to make them show up on your dinner table.  Have the support of others, from beginners to advanced cooks, all journeying to the land of Everyday Good Eating.  Find out how fun, engaging and exciting the world of real foods can be.

Monday, November 29:  Healthy Holiday Cooking and Eating

Starting in Early January:  New Sessions of Whole Kitchen Cooking Classes (just in time to get prepared for after the diet)


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