Food Day Every Day

Food Day LogoFood Day is my kind of day–a day to celebrate food that is safe, healthful, affordable, local, seasonal and most of all delightfully delicious.  All over the country, there will be potlucks, film screenings, talks, food drives and other events in honor of Food Day.  Despite my best intentions to help organize some events, time kept slipping away.  Some soul-searching finally revealed the culprit:  My own food related activities!

Autumn is the time when seasonal eaters are crazily strategizing and mobilizing to put away autumn’s harvest and fill pantries and freezers for the long cold, brown months ahead.  It’s a busy, busy time–so busy that it took a while to realize why I can’t do more to organize outside events, i.e., because I’m completely filled doing Food Day every day, in my own kitchen!

So instead of organizing an event, my contribution will be a 30-day countdown of blog posts from now until October 24, about what it looks like to do, be and live Food Day every day.

The point is that Food Day for me is about not only events but about dreaming and envisioning a day when everyone can access, make and enjoy good, safe, scrumptious, health-giving food.  My professional and personal journey over the last 20 years has revealed that to get from here to there we need a new food system.  Wow, that sounds big.  What does that look like?  How can we do it?  What values will drive this change?

Showing what a new food system might look like is what this blog is about.  It’s exciting, empowering and engaging.  Can everyone do what I do?  That’s not the point.  Read the posts without any “shoulds” or “oughta’s,” but simply for information, encouragement, maybe even a little entertainment.  If any of the ideas change your intentions, you can trust that your everyday food world will follow suit.  Just a little more thought and attention given to what’s on our plates and we’re on the way to a new food world.

Maybe you have some ideas of what a new food world looks like.  Share your Food Day Every Day thoughts, experiences and photos.

A Food Day Dinner

Food Day Every Day starts with the meals we make each day.  What a powerful tool for change!  Just by  making careful choices about the foods we prepare and eat, we can be healthier ourselves–and see a healthier environment, community and local economy.  Here we have a kale salad made with kale from my garden and sautéed pears from Colorado’s western slope.  The pasta sauce features eggplant, tomatoes, onion and garlic from my CSA, plus a green pepper I found hidden in the kale patch.

Food Day happens on October 24.  Read more about Food Day on the national level and how to become involved in Boulder County’s Food Day.


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