Onion Googles–They’re for Real

Onion Goggles

Available in a lot of sites on line.

As you can imagine, we chop a lot of onions in our classes.  And we get a lot of crying, too.  I thought people were joking when they talked about getting onion goggles.  I could just imagine having to strap on tight, hard-to-manage swim goggles every time an onion had to be chopped.  As if there aren’t enough barriers to onion chopping already!

But today in McGuckin’s holiday ad, I saw a pair of Onion Goggles, and they look completely easy to slip on and off.  Plus, at $15.99, they are about $5 to $10 cheaper than what I found online.  So maybe there’s a useful gift idea for the onion chopper in your house!

A few side notes:

  • Consider using them when chopping hot chiles, too.
  • Have a handy place to store them, both for protection and ease of access, e.g., a stand-up box/case nestled in your onion storage area.
  • For those who don’t want to be bothered, it’s another good reason to learn good knife skills; cut an onion efficiently and smoothly and you’re done before the crying begins.  Check out our Knife Skills classes coming up in the new year.

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