10 Minutes to Salvation from Boring Vegetables

The Magic of Simple Sauces

Here’s What the Experts Say:  “You should be eating four to five servings of vegetables each day.”

Here’s How This Gets Translated in Our Brains:  “Guess I need to put a bigger pile of broccoli on my plate” (or squash, spinach, beans, whatever.)

Here’s What We End Up Thinking:  Boring–so much so that we conveniently “forget” a vegetable resolution within days of making it.

If this describes your situation, you get a free excuse called “Debilitating Boredom Syndrome.”  But before getting too cozy in your minimal vegetable world, remember that excuses only apply to the past.  The future is up for grabs and can definitely be changed.

Sauces are one of the best cures for Debilitating Boredom Syndrome.  Not only are they easy to make, but they add such delicious sparkle and shine to veggies.  No more forcing down forks-ful of steamed zucchini.  Glaze it with a super simple orange balsamic glaze, for example, and you’ll get giddy with excitement at the table.

Sounds easy, but deep down, Sauce Fear might be seeping into your cooking consciousness:  How do you make a sauce?  I don’t know what to buy.  Which sauce should I make?  What if it doesn’t taste good?  Which vegetables taste good with which sauce?

Stop!  Before talking yourself out of salvation and returning to the barren wasteland of boring broccoli, 1) check out the recipe for Simple Chinese Vegetable Sauce and 2) join us for

A Sweet Potato Afternoon on Saturday, February 1

See Class Description and Registration

We’ll make sweet potato fries, which are great on their own, but  we’ll also make and taste four lovely sauces in case you get bored:

  • Orange 5-Spice
  • Coconut Curry
  • Somewhat Spicy Mexican
  • Roasted Garlic-Mustard

As we cook and taste, we’ll also:

  • Explore what makes us nervous about sauces
  • See how sauces are really pretty easy to make
  • Learn what to have on hand for fast sauce-making
  • Begin to understand which flavors you like, which you like in smaller amounts, what goes with what.
  • Find flavor in herbs, spices and low-calorie condiments, steering clear of the butter, cream and cheese trap
  • And much more

Here is the Class Description

Sauces, Sweet Potatoes and a Winter Salad

Ready to see how everyday meal making can be engaging and enjoyable?  Join us for a delicious sweet potato afternoon. We’ll experiment with different potato varieties and four different rubs and sauces. You’ll go home with new flavors and ideas to perk up your winter meals.  In addition to sweet potatoes, we’ll make a winter salad for some complimentary crunch.  Bring a friend and make new friends as we cook and learn together in this hands-on class.

Gluten- and dairy- free; vegetarian, too

  • Saturday, February 1 from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m.
  • Louisville area (directions emailed upon registration)
  • $30 plus $5 materials fee; includes light tasting meal
  • Register Here

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