Grocery “Shopping” Steps from the Stove with a CSA Combo

I’m surprised at how little I must shop with everything I get from my CSAs (including frozen, canned and dried produce from summer excess plus a winter CSA that I’m still eating from!)  When I need something, I just “shop” in my frig, freezer or cupboards.

Also be sure to see the previous post on the importance of clean meat–the kind you get direct from a farmer.

Produce–comes from Monroe Organic Farm.  Very reasonably priced, because it doesn’t come washed and boxed.  The produce stores better and is cheaper if you wash your own.  Small price to pay for the amazing flavor and abundance.

Fruit–I could also get my fruit through Monroe, but I don’t eat enough and enjoy buying it direct at the Market.

Lamb and Beef–Also from Monroe’s I buy whole, half or quarters, depending upon how many people I can find to share.  While all of Monroe’s meat is excellent (they also have pork), their lamb is stunningly good.  I barely bother doing anything besides grilling or pan-frying; it needs nothing but a little salt and pepper.

Pork, Chicken and Eggs–Ostensibly, I should be getting enough eggs to survive from my five hens, but they are too busy eating and getting fat, so Jodar Farms is my back up egg source.  I also joined their chicken CSA.  You would be delighted at how a “real” chicken tastes!  I also buy part of a hog from Jodar and share with friends and family.


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