Bowl Covers: Cheap Way to Save the Planet

Julia Butterfly Hill* once questioned, “Where is ‘away?’ ” As in, when we throw something “away,” where is that place? As Julia pointed out, there really is no “away” in the sense we’ve been led to believe, i.e., a place where our trash can be disappeared to so we can live blithely in sweet cleanliness.

Plastic Wrap

Our health can only be as good as the health of the environment we live in. [[Picture Courtesy of**]]

I think of Julia’s observation every time I see a wad of plastic wrap in the trash. It may be eliminated from my line of sight, but throwing it “away” really only moves it from my kitchen to a landfill in someone else’s back yard or some aquatic creature’s ocean.

We all know this is happening; if it’s not top of mind then it’s at least in the back of our minds. Problem is, there seems little we can we do about it because we’ve been conditioned to the convenience of plastic wrap. How can a kitchen be without it? And don’t you love the sight of its shiny cleanliness, clinging to a bowl of leftovers, keeping germs at bay?

About $10 for two covers–pretty small price to save the planet!

So it is with great excitement that I can share a discovery made by my neighbor Carolyn: Sili-Stretch bowl covers, a/k/a reusable plastic wrap. Buy at McGuckins Hardware or on-line, of course, at Amazon.  And here is the manufacturers website.

For the record, one box of plastic wrap has lasted me about 10 years, even without Sili-Stretch covers. I just re-use plastic produce bags and buy permanent storage containers with lids. Think of the money that has saved (freeing up money for better vegetables, too!)


Check out these cool covers, though, if you aren’t ready to ditch plastic wrap all the way:

Sili-Stretch Cover Pictures

They stretch over square dishes as well as round

and keep salads really fresh

just smash the cover down before sealing to remove the air.


* Julia is best known for having lived in a 180-foot (55 m)-tall, roughly 1500-year-old California Redwood tree for 738 days to prevent Pacific Lumber Company loggers from cutting it down. <> Here is another of her insights: “We live in a disposable society. We throw so much away. But it doesn’t come from nowhere. It comes from the planet and it comes from future generations’ lives. Pasted from <>

** For more (humorous) reasons to ditch plastic wrap, be sure to read Johnbalaya’s blog, “The Great Plastic Wrap Conspiracy.”


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