How to Cut a Kohlrabi

The Key to Kohlrabi: Serious Peeling

Kohlrabi Skin

Look closely at the edges of this kohlrabi and you can see it’s thick, fibrous skin. Peel it completely to avoid having tough, stringy chunks in your finished dish.

Cutting Kohlrabi Ends

Start by cutting off the ends to get a flat surface. Use a heavy chef’s knife to muscle through the root end, which can be pretty tough. Keep your fingers back!

Peeling Kohlrabi

Now peel away the outer flesh. Switch to a small but sturdy–and sharp–paring knife for this job. Lay the kohlrabi flat or tilt it at an angle, as pictured, to better cut around the curve of the vegetable. Don’t be surprised if you take off a full 1/8″ of peel–and when there doesn’t seem much left once the kohlrabi is fully prepped.

Matchsticking Kohlrabi

Once peeled, kohlrabi can be cut into matchsticks that are perfect for dipping, stir-frying and making the gratin in the next post. Begin by setting kohlrabi on it’s flat end. Slice vertically into “slabs” about 1/8 to 1/4″ thick.

Kohlrabi  Matchsticks

Give the kohlrabi a quarter turn and slice vertically again, about 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick to get a sweet pile of evenly sized matchsticks.

Once you’ve prepped it, what can you do with it?  Check out the Quick Ideas in the next post or the Slow Cooker Kohlrabi Gratin in the previous post.


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