Waste Not, Want Not Quick Health Saver Tip

It’s tempting to toss little bits of leftovers.  They don’t seem worth the time it takes find a container (and its lid), transfer the leftovers, and then find a place for the container in a (usually) overcrowded frig.  But those little bits can be healthy diet savers.  E.g., you come home after work starving.  Instead of digging in to expensive and not-so-good-for-you snack foods, microwave the leftovers and get some real food satisfaction, plus valuable nutrition.

Leftover Curry

Instead of tossing the part of dinner you can’t finish, put it in a microwaveable dish to quickly satisfy a snack attack.

Case in point: I had a little leftover curry the other night–not enough for a full meal, but I stowed it anyway.  The next morning I got up for an early hike and Farmers’ Market visit and needed something to tide me over until I could get back.  What a pleasant surprise to open the frig and discover my little bowl of vegetable-rich curry.  Perfect!


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