Kitchen Tip: Miracles with Baking Soda

I may be the last one to the baking soda party, but I’m solidly there now.  After buying a new box the other day, I happened to notice all the uses listed on the package.  

Baking Soda Miracles

Just for fun, I tried it on the microwave, on some tea-stained pans and even on my beautiful brushed steel dishwasher.

The stuff worked beautifully–easy, pretty shine and nothing that will harm our health or the planet’s health.  And lest I forget–cheap, cheap, cheap (e.g., around $2.00 for a big, 2 lb. box).  Notice how I made a convenient shaker by punching holes in a lid.  

So don’t worry if things get messy in the kitchen from cooking.  That’s just part of making good, health-giving meals.  Cleaning up is easy enough. 

Use Tip:  Shake soda onto a barely damp sponge and just moisten surface to be washed.  Too much water dissolves the soda and it loses its light abrasive abilities.

And Don’t Forget the Bathroom:  Great way to clean glass shower doors as well as sinks and other surfaces. 

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