Immersion Blenders: Economical Alternative to Food Processor for Creamy Soups

Food processors can be expensive, not only in terms of dollars but also in terms of the counter space they consume (a “cost” that runs especially high in small kitchens.)  But don’t let these barriers prevent you from experiencing the comfort and warmth of creamy winter soups.  An immersion blender is a much smaller and less expensive alternative that serves as an effective substitute for most jobs.

Pic of Immersion Blender with Attachments

Blender with whisk and chopper attachments

Tips for Buying and Using

Maximize your dollars by buying a three part unit with not only the blender wand but also a whisk (great for quickly beating egg whites and pancake batter) and a chopper (great for nuts, breadcrumbs, fresh herbs, etc.)  Kohl’s features a Wolfgang Puck model for $59.99 that is the most attractive deal I could find.

Don’t bother with a mini-processor.  They don’t have the power or capacity to be of much help.  For the money and space, an immersion blender is much more effective and versatile.

Anti-Splatter Tip:  When blending small amounts, splattering is common.  Tipping the pot or other container creates a deep enough pool of food to immerse the blender fully and prevent splattering.  For extra protection, set the pot in the sink

Pic of Soup Blending Tip to Prevent Splatters

Blending a Spinach-Red Pepper Soup. For small amounts, tip pot so soup pools together and blender gets fully immersed

before blending.

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