More on How “Food Is Good for You”

Food Is Good For You BannerRemember last month’s article, “Food Is Good for You?”   We’re always surprised to hear about the nutritional marvels of, e.g., blueberries or grass-fed beef, or tofu or squash.  But honestly have you ever heard of a real food that doesn’t contain vital nutrients?  This is exactly the takeaway you get from a blurb in the Denver Post listing several popular foods and their popular nutrients:

  • Salmon, tilapia and tofu:  Omega 3
  • Milk, cheese, broccoli:     Calcium
  • Bananas, shellfish, cucumbers:     Potassium
  • Red meat, citrus fruits, apples:     Magnesium
  • Eggs:    Vitamin D
  • Yogurt, Scallops:  Vitamin B-12
  • Spinach, liver, grapefruit:    Folic Acid
  • Cinnamon, pecans, cranberries:    Antioxidants

Amazed at what you can get from plain old, unsexy food?  Turns out even cucumbers are a good nutrient source, even though they seem like nothing more than water in a green skin!  No doubt this is why many doctors and nutritionists  are recommending that we get our nutrients from foods.  In fact, the Post’s blurb was titled  “Why Bother With a Pill?”    Indeed.

“Good Eating.  It’s Easier Than You Think.”

Come discover how to make luscious meals from real, whole, nutritious foods–a treat for taste buds as well as your body.  Check out the next Whole Kitchen cooking classes.


“Why bother With a Pill?” FitFinds, The Denver Post, February 1, 2010, p. 2C

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